Dr. Christopher Gilbert

Chris Gilbert

Chris Gilbert studied Computational Neuropsychology at McMaster University and completed his PhD thesis on learning and the brain (simulating executive functions and memory through computer models of the brain). He has gone on to complete studies that use targeted exercise to improve outcomes in school, at work, and in life. Some examples include studies that examine the benefit of biking on academics and among ADHD students in association with Specialized Bikes, the effect of using the Kinect device in schools, the effectiveness of police wellness programs on job performance, and the use of exercise on a clinical population at schools, among others.

Chris is an expert in measuring mental processes and in the application of statistics in program evaluations. For RTSG, he creates exercise interventions that allow for rigorous evaluation to take place and he analyzes program results. He is also interested in the implementation of research findings in real world settings and in working through the ensuing practical and theoretical issues.